Redacted (2014) is a transformation of previous work by a process of “non-obscuration.” Thin layers of warm-to-cool transparent blacks and metallic inks highlight, rather than obscure the works’ previous contents. Each 62x50” piece in the series is cut from the remnants of a monumental paper installation - labyrinth/course of empire (2006). In Redacted, labyrinth has been repurposed in the context of Rob’s current work – which explores the interface between political and institutional structures by exposing the “unstable image” in moments of visual interference.

The intention was negation through black overprinting. However, the unexpected result is wholesale transformation - revealing previously unseen textural and linear nuances through the tonality of numerous, luminous shades of black and light. In Redacted, the outright attempt to censor the past has only made its idiosyncrasies more obvious.

Each piece is mixed woodblock, lithograph, silkscreen, chine-colle, and collage on paper;60x50"

Rob Swainston Redacted, 2014
Redacted, 2014